What To Expect

At first visit, Dr. Roghani will complete a comprehensive dental exam making sure your child’s oral cavity is healthy and identify any dental decay or any other abnormalities. X-rays are done routinely starting around 3-4 Years of age depending on how comfortable your child is. We typically take X-rays once a year unless there is a specific problem with a tooth. If you had X-rays done at another office, either bring them with you or have them e-mail them to us. A dental Cleaning and Fluoride application will also be completed at that visit.


Stay positive. your children feed off of your attitude towards everything. Avoid using scary or confusing words about dental treatments (for example Shots, pain, pulling teeth, etc.). Let us be the ones to explain things in a more kid friendly way. Kids are afraid of the unknown and we are trained to reduce their anxiety by several techniques; one called Tell Show Do technique, that seems to be very effective in children.