About us

At Kid Friendly Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is to provide a happy environment where kids of all ages can have a positive experience going to the dentist. Some children are anxious of the unknown. Our staff is trained to reduce the anxiety of the kids by explaining and showing the steps one by one.

our mission

Our practice works hard to meet the needs of children from infancy through college. Compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive staff is the cornerstone of quality care.

We pride ourselves in being an exceptional pediatric private dental office. We help your children develop properly and grow through hands-on learning and fun experiences.

Some Of Our services

Children with Special Needs

Dr. Roghani specializes in children with special needs. We understand that the dentist can be very traumatizing and we do…

A Friendly Doctor and Staff

Our team consists of passionate individuals who provide a loving and caring environment. Our goal is to effectively …

Acceptance of most insurances

We are an In-Network provider for all PPO insurances and Metlife/SafeGuard HMO. Please note that with Metlife/SafeGuard HMO, since we are…

Spanish speaking staff

Our office does offer a Spanish Speaking staff to ensure that parents who primarily speak Spanish have a full understanding of their child’s…

Dr. Roghani is patient with children. It was my child's first dentist visit and she was very nervous. Dr. Roghani made her feel comfortable and eased her into her check up. She loved choosing a toy from the treasure box.
Addison R.
Dr Roghani is the best! We have been going to her for 8 yrs now. My shy fearful girls now have no problems going to the dentist because of Dr. Roghani's gentle skills. The staff is super friendly and they away do their best to accommodate my schedule.
Ellyana K.
I have been taking my kids to go see Dr. Rhogani for last 5 years. I actually followed her here from another office she worked in Aliso Viejo. My son who is now 6, has TONS of tooth decays and he has been needing visits to see dentist since he is barely 2. To make long story short, she has been wonderful with both of my kids since we've met her. I actually chose to do dental treatment without general sedation when we first met her because my son was only 2 years old. We had to do several visits and it was horrible but he had to be held down but that was because I decided against general sedation. So, no I don't think she is a crook. Some young kids actually need general sedation for dental restoration but like somebody else said, it is always parents' decision and you don't have to take the doctor's advise. So, I love Dr. Rhogani and her staff, especially Jaime who answers phone when you call the office. I highly recommend her. I have been to at least 3 other pediatric dentist and there are a lot of not so great dentist out there.
Hui C.